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At Planit Charge, we believe that the foundation of a successful Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution lies in the quality and reliability of the products we offer. We are proud to exclusively partner with fully accredited and trusted brands, including IPD and Schneider Electric, to provide you with a range of cutting-edge EV charging and electrical distribution products.

Our product offerings cover a wide spectrum to meet the diverse needs of the commercial market.

Our Product Categories


AC Chargers

  • Our AC chargers are designed for both residential and commercial applications.
  • They are efficient, reliable, and compatible with a variety of electric vehicles.
  • Choose from a range of power outputs and features to suit your specific requirements.


DC Chargers

  • DC chargers are ideal for fast-charging in high-traffic commercial areas.
  • These chargers are built to withstand heavy usage and provide quick, convenient charging for electric vehicles.


Specialized EV Distribution Boards

  • Our distribution boards are specifically designed for EV charging applications.
  • They ensure safe and efficient electrical distribution to charging stations, minimizing the risk of downtime.


Power Distribution Systems

  • We offer robust power distribution systems designed to handle the demands of EV charging networks.
  • These systems ensure consistent power supply to your charging infrastructure.


Energy Management and Metering

  • Efficient energy management is crucial for optimizing your charging infrastructure.
  • Our solutions allow you to monitor and manage energy usage effectively, reducing operational costs.


Load Management Systems

  • Load management systems help you balance energy demand and avoid peak usage charges
  • They ensure that your charging stations operate efficiently without overloading your electrical supply.


Bus Duct

  • Bus ducts are essential for safely and efficiently distributing electrical power within your commercial facility
  • We offer reliable bus duct solutions that can handle the demands of your EV charging network.


User Training

  • We offer user training for your staff or customers, ensuring they can use the charging stations efficiently and safely.
  • Our training sessions cover everything from basic operation to troubleshooting.

EVlink Pro AC
Charging Station
AC Metal 7.4kW


EVlink Pro AC
Charging Station
AC Metal 22kW


EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert Green

EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert
Electric Vehicle charging management infrastructure

EVlink Pro AC Pedastal
For one charging station


EVlink Pro AC Pedastal
For two charging stations


EVlink Pro AC Kit Enclosure

1 wall-mounted charging station

Schneider Busduct


EVlink Pro AC, Kit enclosure

EVlink Pro AC Kit Enclosure


EVlink Pro AC Kit Enclosure


Schneider EV Distribution Board


EcoStruxure EV Advisor

Part of EcoStruxure

EcoStruxure Power Advisor

Part of EcoStruxure

ABB AC Charger

Industries Served

Our EV charging equipment can be installed in a wide range of locations to serve your customer and client base. Click each industry to show more information.

Retail & Shopping Centres

Offering EV charging stations can attract shoppers who want to charge their vehicles while they shop.

Hotels and Hospitality

Providing charging stations for guests can be a unique selling point for hotels.

EV-owning travellers are more likely to choose accommodations with charging options.

Restaurants and Cafes

EV charging stations can encourage customers to spend more time dining or enjoying coffee.

It attracts environmentally-conscious patrons and offers convenience.

Office Buildings and Corporate Campuses

Employers can promote sustainability and attract talent by offering workplace charging.

EV charging supports employees who commute using electric vehicles.

Parking Facilities

Adding charging stations can maximize the use of parking spaces.

Charging fees can create an additional revenue stream for parking operators.

Fleet Management and Logistics

Businesses with electric vehicle fleets benefit from dedicated charging infrastructure.

EV charging ensures efficient and reliable operation of electric delivery or service vehicles.

Shopping Centres and Entertainment Centres

EV charging stations can make shopping centres more appealing to shoppers.

Entertainment venues can offer charging as part of a premium package for guests.

Airports and Transportation Hubs

EV charging stations at airports can serve travellers and airport employees.

Electric shuttles and ground transportation can also benefit from on-site charging.

Education Institutions

Universities and schools can provide charging for students, staff, and visitors.

It supports sustainability initiatives and electric vehicle research.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and medical centres can offer charging to patients and visitors.

It demonstrates a commitment to a healthy environment.

Government and Councils

Governments can promote EV adoption by installing charging infrastructure in public areas.

It aligns with sustainability goals and reduces emissions.

Tourism and Recreation

Tourist attractions, parks, and recreational facilities can provide charging for travellers.

It encourages environmentally-friendly tourism.

Commercial Real Estate and Property Management

Building owners can offer charging as an amenity to attract tenants.

It adds value to commercial properties.

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Manufacturers can benefit from EV charging for employee vehicles.

Industrial complexes can support electric forklifts and other equipment.

Utilities and Energy Providers

Utilities can deploy charging infrastructure to support grid reliability and demand management.

EVs can be integrated into demand response programs.

Public Transit Agencies

Transit operators can electrify their fleets and offer charging for passengers.

It reduces emissions and improves air quality in urban areas.

Construction and Building Trades

Contractors can use electric vehicles and charge them on job sites.

EVs are quieter and produce fewer emissions on construction sites.

Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions can offer charging as a perk for employees and customers.

It aligns with corporate sustainability initiatives.

Real Estate Developers

Developers can include charging infrastructure in new construction projects.

It enhances the appeal of residential and commercial properties.

Automotive Dealerships

Dealerships can provide charging for customers while they shop or service their vehicles.

It supports electric vehicle sales and services.

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High Quality

We exclusively partner with accredited brands like IPD and Schneider Electric, known for their quality and reliability.


Our team has extensive experience in selecting and installing the right products for your specific needs.


All our products meet the necessary industry standards and regulations.


Our product range is designed to be scalable, allowing you to expand your EV charging network as needed.


We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your products continue to perform at their best.

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